How to Make More Money In Finance (or any department)

Rank the producers (finance managers, service advisors, salespeople etc) and display the ranking for all to see! Its that simple.

I can’t encourage this enough. In fact I blogged about it briefly a few years ago and people who know me know I harp on this a lot. It is so simple that everyone should be calling me and saying “John, I get it. I see how this can work magic in my dealership. Show us how to do this.”

Here’s how I do it:

  • Using Microsoft I create an Excel 2013 (or 2016) workbook and using the latest Excel feature (Power Query) I access the CDK Data Server/Repository I have setup (DAP, MDA or RPX)
  • I pull the data into the PowerPivot (new in Excel starting with 2010) create relationships and measures (stats)
  • I create a pivot table to rank and display stats
  • I add slicers so folks can interact with the data
  • I host it in a Site (SharePoint Online) in Office 365
  • I fine tune who is allowed to see it using Site permissions (Usually everyone)
  • I make sure automatic refresh of the data is setup so everyone is always looking at current data
  • I send everyone a link to the new report
  • I sit back and watch the numbers go up.

Here’s what it looks like for F&I Managers:

FI Store Ranking Obscured

If you need help, shoot me an email


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